bara bard
murky tumblr dmca takedown notices?

after getting my disorganized email inbox finally organized into folders, i noticed i got a few dmca takedown notices i never noticed. upon investigation, i wasn’t able to clearly identify which of any of my posts were the subjects of takedown requests, because the posts in question had been deleted. in most cases, the url cited in the dmca complaint was not from my tumblr, but from someone who apparently reblogged from my tumblr, and the context is not any clearer. apparently i have received enough of these warnings to get a “final warning”. most of my uploads are media i found randomly on the internet, much of which was never labeled. it seems to be the nature of tumblr and image boards in general for many of these details to be forgotten as files are anonymously shared.

so, who exactly are peter phinney, next door entertainment, zubb media or hector camacho? i am not familiar with these, and i don’t know which of my uploads are/were theirs.